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Tips And Precautions To Take Into Account Before Receiving A Tantric Massage

Tips And Precautions To Take Into Account Before Receiving A Tantric Massage

When we get ready to receive tantra massages in Collado Villalba, perhaps we already know the many benefits that these can bring to the well-being of our physical and mental state. These massages are increasingly popular in an open culture that has fewer and fewer taboos in relation to sexual well-being.

But at the same level of importance of the innumerable benefits that tantric massage has for our health, it is also important when opting for tantra massages in Collado Villalba to know under what conditions or circumstances it is advisable to postpone it.

There are conditions that will inevitably force us to give up receiving a tantra massage. Among the most frequently suffered we can find causes such as fever, being under the influence of alcohol, advanced cases of varicose veins, some types of rheumatism, if we have required surgery in the 10 days prior to the massage, acute inflammations, high blood pressure, tachycardias, trauma, open wounds, swollen glands, kidney problems or suffering from bronchial asthma. They are conditions that make it impossible to perform a tantra massage.

However, there are other conditions in which massage can be practiced with certain precautions by the masseur. In these circumstances, eventualities such as menstruation, dizziness, suffering minor burns, the ingestion of exciting or sedative drugs and also some skin alterations such as eczema are counteracted.

If you want to enjoy a tantric massage that allows you to discover a full relaxation experience full of new sensations, it is important to be well advised before receiving it to apply the precise techniques. Tantra you will be in the best hands. Experienced and highly qualified masseurs will advise you at all times on the precautions to take before enjoying your tantra massage to make this a unique experience of well-being, pleasure and health.

Maximum Relaxation

Calm and relaxation is essential. It is a joyful experience in which, in addition, there must be a connection between the masseur and the recipient. That is why it is essential to create a general atmosphere of relaxation, suggestive sensuality and calm. Smells, music, decoration, lighting … all these aspects add up when giving or receiving an erotic massage .

you will realize that all those details that surround the massage itself are taken care of to the maximum. There must be a reason.

Pleasure As A Goal

Remember that the main purpose and objective of tantric massage is pleasure. Experience joy with every pore of your body. Forget any other condition and let yourself be carried away by the enjoyment of each touch, each touch and gesture.

Receiving A Sensual Massage is equivalent to establishing a bond of union and communication with the other person through touch. It is necessary that, facing this union, you learn to relax and control your breathing, so that it is accompanied by that of the other person.

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