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The Most Successful Tantric Massage Techniques

The Most Successful Tantric Massage Techniques

More and more people dare to try new massage alternatives and discover all the benefits that they can bring them, both physically and psychologically. And it is that these massages suppose a liberation “of body and soul” that allows to disconnect from worries, purge stress and stimulate the senses in a different and more intimate way than the more traditional ones.

But within this type of massage there is a great variety of different techniques that are worth trying when you decide to take the step and discover, for example,  erotic massages or  erotic massages Barcelona . In this article we are going to review in more detail what they consist of, but first we recommend you put aside your prejudices , so that you can assess what we are going to tell you.

Spiritual Perspective

The provenance of the techniques presented below are known and guaranteed, and have been designed by the sexologist Leyre Khyal . It is not, therefore, a mere seductive or mystical wrapping, but these techniques have been developed from an authentic knowledge of tantra, eroticism and sexuality , in order to provide an experience that goes beyond the physical.

This quest to explore the sexual plane in its fullness allows the sessions to reach the more psychological and “spiritual” aspects of sexuality. You can interpret this concept in the sense that best suits your beliefs, since human beings have a “spiritual dimension”, regardless of whether they harbor spiritual beliefs or not, being related to the soul if yes or only to the subconscious psyche. if not. In this way, certain techniques have therapeutic applications capable of successfully treating various problems related, both directly and indirectly, literally or unconsciously, with the sexual.

No Sexual Intercourse

Keep in mind that these salons  do not offer sexual relations , and that the people who work at Tantra Secret Spa do not offer such services. Given the way of seeing sex and physical intimacy that these practices promote, they do not condemn services of a sexual nature; it is simply not about the services they provide.

For starters, there are receptor massages, ideal for relieving stress and pain caused by contractures and tension. They provide an atmosphere of calm and eroticism that allows the individual to fully relax. Among these techniques, the classic massage is distinguished, which is carried out with the body of the teacher on the body of the recipient, stimulating the “kundalini” (sexual energy) through differentiated techniques for men and women. or the advanced massage, which is done with the feet of the masseuse.

Kama Sutra Postures

Then there are the interactive tantric massages , similar to the receptors, except for the component of the practice of mutual caresses and shared awareness, which leads to two suggestive Kama Sutra postures in the classic option or five advanced postures in the same option. At the end, specific stimulating massages are performed.

The sublime ones comprise elements of interactive massages, beginning with stimulating massages aimed at awakening the kundalini energy, continuing with a relaxing phase of rhythmic movements between the teacher’s body and the recipient, and ending again with focused stimulants. .

Body To Body

Then there are the secret massages, designed to create a state of complete relaxation and eroticism . It has the classic variety, in the first half of which relaxation and relaxation maneuvers are performed hand-to-hand. This is followed by conscious caresses and Kama Sutra techniques, culminating in a stimulating massage that enhances the recipient’s senses. There is another variety, more intimate and intense, called sweet massage.

There is a final type of individual massage, which combines tantra techniques with the benefits of bubble spa massages. The classic massage allows you to work with the energy points of the receptor, which passes into a transformation phase that is carried out on the mat with gentle relaxing and neuro-sedative rubbing and exchange of conscious caresses, reaching the stimulation of the meridian central at the end of the session. The khyal develops the classical massage phases, and performs advanced asanas of the Kama Sutra during the transformation phase.

For Couples

Couples have at their disposal specific massages designed to allow them to achieve a new degree of joint intimacy and relaxation. It begins with the initiation sessions (Intimate Couple), which begin with techniques designed to develop the physical and mental connection, to move on to the second half of the session, during which acupressure is worked on the erogenous points, carrying out Non-invasive superficial specific stimulations with the intimacy of the couple.

When the couple’s connection is strong enough, they can move on to advanced massages (Sacred Couple). These begin with a phase of combined manual and body therapy and dedicate the final half to the practice of Kama Sutra positions for three, focused on providing an experience of shared sensuality to the couple.

Finally, having reached this degree of unity between the two, they can access the “higher” massage for two (Siddhanta in Couple). This friction fully develops the techniques used in the previous sessions, allowing the couple to create their own universe of intimate and complete sensuality.

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