Best Way To Give
The Best Way To Give A Man A Tantric Massage

The Best Way To Give A Man A Tantric Massage

Tantra is a yoga branch that focuses on sexuality. It’s perfect for those on a spiritual quest who want to see sexual encounters as more than just carnal pleasures. In addition to tantric sex techniques, massages are a delightful experience that will elevate your relationship to a new level of pleasure for both of you. To learn how to give a tantric massage to men, look no further than

Learn How To Give A Tantric Kiss By Reading This Article.

Follow These Simple Steps To Get Started:

With the tantric penis massage, the goal is not to make your partner go toe-to-toe, but to stimulate the energy of this vital erogenous zone so that you can experience pleasure and sexual connection from a different angle..

To begin this tantric massage, set the mood for relaxation by choosing a time when you know you won’t be interrupted. This isn’t a practise session, so both of you need to have plenty of time. Set the mood for relaxation and enjoyment by lighting scented candles and burning incense.

As you usually do, use all five senses to stimulate and excite your partner: the sight of you being dressed down and with a lot of seduction, the touch of your lover kissing you all over and kissing you, the taste, the taste of your lover’s kiss, and where erotic words come into play.

Before attempting tantric massage on your boy, make sure you are familiar with all of the sensitive points on his genitals, including the testicles, scrotum, and perineum, as these areas are crucial to the success of the massage.

Lubrication is required for tantric massage of the lingam or penis. Douse yourself in a mild moisturiser like sweet almond oil, which will make your movements more fluid and result in an accumulation of wonderful sensations for your partner.

To perform this tantric massage, you’ll need both hands. The movements will be ascending and descending, but they’ll be softer. It’s best to use both hands on his penis and testicles. One hand should focus on his testicles, scrotum, and perineum, while the other should focus on the penis from the base to the glans, all while maintaining a steady rhythm and using both hands.

It’s critical that you fully commit to this ritual and leave your energy there, as your son will immediately sense your efforts. Dare to be original, to have fun, to let your partner enjoy themselves while you enjoy yourself. Don’t limit yourself, and don’t worry about doing it correctly or incorrectly. Instead, use this practise to increase intimacy and foster new relationships.

These are steps to do tantric massage for a man. Just try it make your man happy!

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