Tantric Massage
Tantric That Does Not Involve Physical Contact

Tantric That Does Not Involve Physical Contact

Do You Offer Tantra Sessions Over The Internet As Well?

Yes, a tantra session can be delivered online without involving any physical contact at all. Tantra focuses on creating sexual energy and intimacy. In addition to self-examination on a physical and spiritual level, a tantra ritual without touch entails this. A ritual like this can be carried out online or in person, in your home or in one of my practise rooms, at your convenience. Involvement on a personal level creates a new type of intimacy.

On the other hand, I offer various types of online tantra sessions aimed at helping you share your love and sex life with your partner. I also coach couples in these areas as well as mindfulness meditation techniques, breathwork, massage skills, and mindful masturbation. Normally, I work one-on-one with clients, but upon request, I can organise group sessions for couples or groups of up to three people.

What Are Your Options For Managing Energy While You’re On The Go?

It’s not a Reiki session I provide, but I do teach you how to generate your own life and sexual energy through meditation and other methods of self-care. I assist you in developing a more intimate relationship with your body so that you are more aware of your feelings. We’ll search for your energetic barriers together. It is possible to reduce resistance in those areas by breathing and touching (oneself). The intensity of your sexuality increases as the flow does.

What Could The Format Of Such A Meeting Be?

Our meetings usually begin with a cup of tea and a discussion about your favourite things. After that, I lead a guided meditation for you to try. You will feel warm from the inside as your life energy flows down your spine. I incorporate breathing exercises into my meditation routine. You come to life even more by breathing more consciously, which awakens cells and awakens you. Your nerves and connective tissue’s electricity are re-energizing as a result. This causes a mild tingling sensation all over your body.

To follow each other’s movements after meditating and breathing is a group activity. We follow the music’s lead and eventually break out into a dance. After that, we perform a ritual of undressing, in which each piece of clothing is removed slowly and sensually. We both touch our faces as we maintain eye contact. Because of the meditative process, the sensation of being touched is amplified. Knowing how much you value yourself and how much you value others can be a life-changing experience. The pleasure you get from being in your own body comes from a combination of self-love and sexual arousal. We go on sensual expeditions and allow each other to be an inspiration to us. Mindful masturbation can develop as a result of this practise.

What Does It Mean To Masturbate With Awareness?

Tantra and masturbation combine in mindful masturbation. While I lead you in breathing deeper, you stimulate your own genitals. As a result of my instruction, you learn how to gradually increase the level of stimulation while also incorporating caressing and touching, all while delaying ejaculation.

The Price Of A Virtual Tantra Session Is Unknown.

It’s € 10,00 less expensive to get tantra treatment online than in person. There is also the possibility of sessions that are shorter than usual (normally a session is at least 90 minutes).

€ 50 for 45 minutes of service

a 60-minute session costs €65

€ 100 for 90 minutes of service

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