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Tantric Massage Technique

Tantric Massage Technique

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable night with your partner, one of the best things you can do is enjoy a good tantric massage. Through this experience you will be able to feel much more united towards each other, at the same time that it will allow you to enjoy a relaxing and full night that you will not forget in your life.

And it is that despite the fact that this type of massage does not have a sexual purpose, it is true that it allows us to know our partner more thoroughly and increase sexual desire. Hence, it is a great tool to promote relationships as a couple.

But before showing you the main techniques of this massage, I want to make it clear that yoni is the female sexual organ and the lingam is the male organ.

Tantric Yoni Massage Technique

As I always recommend, the first thing we have to do is relax the person who is going to receive the massage so that they can enjoy it to the fullest. In this case you should bear in mind that a body massage will be very useful. And if your partner is very nervous for any reason, it may be a good option to take a hot bath to relax.

When you have done the massage, since it can be with special massage oil, it is time to get down to work. To begin we will have to massage the yoni area. As we have used special oil for the female genital part, we can massage the outer lips from top to bottom. Of course, massage this area without much pressure to avoid causing any damage.

It is very important that the woman does not miss any detail of the massage, while eye contact with her partner is very important to enjoy greater pleasure. After massaging the outer lips, give way to the inner ones.

After this, you will have to start focusing on the woman’s clitoris, remembering that it is the most sensitive part and therefore the area in which you will have to focus more to excite your partner. When you have managed to excite your partner enough, remembering that he should not reach orgasm, it will be time to perform the penetration into the yoni. Inside the yoni you will have to perform up and down movements, circular movements being also important. And you must not forget to continue stroking the clitoris so that the massage is unforgettable.

Remember, the main purpose of the massage is not the woman’s orgasm, but if you do it well, it may end up coming. What’s more, on many occasions this orgasm can be quite intense. This will cause the woman to be totally relaxed.

Lingam Tantric Massage Technique

As with the previous massage, the man has to be relaxed and see everything that is happening in the massage. For this reason the head has to be high.

After a body massage, it will be time to apply special massage oil in the testicle area and on the lingam. In this case, you should start by massaging the testicles area, later massaging the Pyrenean area and the pubic bone.

Once these areas have been massaged, it will be time to start massaging the lingam. The massage should start from the lower part of the trunk and work your way up little by little. To offer greater pleasure to the man, it is important that the massage is done by changing hands. When you get to the part of the glans, you will have to be more careful, since it is the most sensitive part of the man. To be able to offer your partner the maximum pleasure, you will have to perform circular movements. The important thing is to keep the man close to the edge of orgasm, but preventing him from ejaculating. It is important that you control it or ask your partner to notify you so that you lower the level and ejaculation does not occur.

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