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How To Do A Tantric Massage To A Woman

How To Do A Tantric Massage To A Woman

The tantra is a traditional Hindu philosophy whose main objective achieve personal fulfillment through stimulation of the body ‘s energy and sex drive. Have you ever heard of tantric massage ? It is a type of erotic massage that allows you to awaken your sexual appetite and enjoy your own pleasure and with your partner without the need to penetrate. If you would like to surprise your partner with a massage of this type, don’t miss the following OneHowTo article and discover how to give a woman a tantric massage .

Steps To Follow:

Benefits Of Tantric Massage

The tantric massage , unlike other erotic massage is not intended to cause orgasm the couple, although it can be achieved, nor does it involve penetrative sex but aims to stimulate energy, seek pleasure and arouse sexual desire through the touch of the sexual organs and other areas of the body. Among the main benefits of tantric massage we find:

  • Reactivation of body energy.
  • Increased appetite for sex.
  • Strengthen the bonds with the couple.
  • Discover and know the main erogenous zones.
  • Physical and mental relaxation.

Two types of tantric massage are distinguished, the male called lingam massage and the female called yoni . The latter includes more erogenous zones than the first, since the female body offers more pleasure points so it will not only be reduced to the sexual organs. Before focusing on the steps to follow to do a tantric massage to a woman, it is important that you help your partner to settle properly. Ideally, play soft music in the background and ask the girl to lie completely naked on her back, with her back on the bed and her legs apart. Place a cushion just below her hips, so that the intimate area is slightly elevated, and another under her head to make it more comfortable.

It is also essential that you choose a good lubricant to avoid vaginal dryness or, instead, a mild oil that facilitates caresses and makes movements smooth, such as almond oil. With it, the experience will be much more pleasant and you will discover indescribable sensations.

First, pour some oil on your hands and start gently stroking and massaging your partner’s abdomen, breasts, and thighs . Spend a few minutes on these parts of the body before moving to your intimate area, so little by little your sexual desire will increase.

The next step of the tantric massage is to pour a little lubricant or oil right on the pubic bone so that it drips towards the vaginal lips. Begin to gently massage each of the labia majora with your thumb and index finger and slide your fingers from top to bottom and vice versa along the entire length of the lips. When finished, perform the same procedure focusing on the labia minora of the vagina.

Now is the time to massage a point that is a great accumulation of pleasure for women: the clitoris . Take into account that this is excessively delicate, so your movements should be smooth and without sudden pressure. First, stroke it with your index finger in a clockwise direction, then in the opposite direction. Then, apply light pressure on it with your thumb and index finger and stay at this point for a few minutes. To increase her pleasure, back off a bit, stopping stroking the clitoris and returning a few moments later.

In the female tantric massage is essential stimulation of the G point . To reach it, place your hand palm up, insert your middle finger into the vagina and begin to bend it towards the palm of your hand. You will know that you have reached it when you notice a spongy area just below the pubic bone and once located, you must make very gentle circular movements with your finger. Although it is not the objective of tantric massage, these movements can end up causing your partner to reach a very intense and pleasant orgasm, achieving relaxation and unequaled body well-being.

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