Many People are sucked into repeating the same sexual patterns. Sexting appears to be the same every time, with a person with a penis squeezing into another person’s vagina until the first orgasms. When you learn to let go of these scripts, you’ll discover new pleasures, sensations, and ways to connect. Examining tantric sex – and specifically, tantric massage London – can be a good way to break all the rules. How a tantra massage works and what happens during it are explained here.

An ancient spiritual practise that originated in Central and Southeast Asia, tantra, informs the massage principles used in tantric massage. The majority of Western tantric massage practises involve massaging and stimulating the entire body, with special attention paid to sensitive areas such as the penis and vulva in the female reproductive system. Some people call it an erotic massage, but it also includes breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness, so it isn’t always sexually charged. There is also a spiritual and energetic component to tantric massage, in which the practitioner or giver helps the receiver’s energy move throughout the body in order to promote healing on an internal level.


While it can be done in a professional setting, Tantric massage is also an option for couples who want to experience sex with more intention and intimacy.

The goal of tantra massage is not to make people orgasm. Tantric massage is more about connecting spiritually with another person while enjoying pleasure and releasing energetic blocks and tension. London Mistress says Tantra massages do not typically include sexual intercourse, but they can be incorporated into a tantric sexual experience between a couple when done properly.