Tantric Massage For Local and International Executives.


Tantric  Massage  is a fundamental part of Tantrism that assists in prolonging erotic delight. MAJESTIC Massage comprises a unique way to sexual growth by sensual massage.

Genuine ancient Tantric practices demands time and commitment, but anyone can get an appreciation of Tantric seventh heaven via MAJESTIC London massage.

Make sure you and your masseuse are warm enough, set the room temperature to a comfortable height since you will both be naked.

Your MAJESTIC masseuse will commence the massage by asking you to lay in a comfortable position, on your abdomen with your legs somewhat apart. She will gently massage your feet, thighs, back, shoulder joint and arms with quality massage fragrances or non scented massage oil.

MAJESTIC London massage is more of a full body erotic massage, therefore every region of your body will be given sublime attention, with the exceptional attention  to your most intimate areas.

After completing your back, your masseuse will change by reversal and will devote  attention to your  Lingam or Yoni.  Skilfully blending Tantric Sensual Erotic Massage techniques with extraordinary naturist visuals.  With synchronized breathing, your Goddess will deepen your energy and build up pleasure to the utmost.

Tantric massage

Your Massage partner will recognize how and when to extend this stimulating sensual journey, all you have to do is to remain in a relaxed state, centered on the experience of Tantric,  Sensual,  Erotic Massage.

This relaxing journey will climax in the most arousing Lingam massage/Yoni massage.  A sensual erotic massage session,  put together,  is frequently referred to as a happy ending massage by laymen, not the most flattering way to put it.

This massage is so much more,  for it has the power to deliver not only supreme relaxation, but also deep sexual and extensive pleasure, greatly deepened by  Tantric massage techniques.

Unquestionably the Best Tantric Massage London has to offer – The Benefits

One of the many benefits of a Sensual Tantric massage is help men with premature ejaculation issues.  Massage Oils can be either be scented or non-scented.  In addition, your naturist masseuse can touch and stroke you with feathers and silk to emphasize your pleasure.

We’re forever happy to provide a bespoke Massage experience to suit you, therefore please inquire if you have any exceptional requirements.

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