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Here We will Highlight Various Types of Massages,

And The Role Massage Plays In Our Daily Lives.

More and more people are engaged in some type of physical activity: cycling, jogging, swimming, etc.. The reasons people participate in varied sports are many: it’s fun, to get fit, provide relaxing leisure time, physician prescribing, etc..

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The Massage

Unfairly associated with the cult milieu and sexual practices, Tantra and Tantric massage is an ancient Indian philosophy that dates back to 3000 BCAD and was intimately connected with the cult of the Indian deity Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

According to Tantric philosophy, the emergence and creation of our world should be seen as a gesture of love. Many institutions that specialize in tantra and tantric massage have emerged across to the public discover the secrets of this millennium philosophy and benefits of its practice.

To be filed in the techniques of improving health and welfare, Tantra and Tantric Massage are offered by specialists that have genuine expertise. More and more people seeking Tantrism in order to relax, improve and develop awareness of themselves.

Ideal to practice as a couple, tantric massage stimulates the body and mind and help others to excel. Tantric massage frees the body of all his muscle tension and stress and spiritually while it stimulates the imagination and makes the mind conducive to meditative practices.


Therapeutic  Massage

Therapeutic massage consists of beneficial massage techniques executed by a professional therapist using the hands and arms as a working tool, but can also include some external devices.

In the sports world

Sports massage is applied, but there are other types of massages:  healing massages and post surgical massages.

With this therapy fatigue is fought with great recovery. The benefits of massage affect the vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscle, skin and internal organs. Consult a book on the history of the Tour de France and I was surprised to read that in 1903 the first winner, Maurice Garin, and massage available. Fausto Coppi was also the first brokers in preparing care, food, material, etc..


Massage and Cycling

When simply moving causes your muscles to contract.

An example of muscle contraction can be applied to rapid movement . Take the pedals of a bicycle, the effort involved in moving the bike (this involves the leg muscles: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, buttocks).

Maintaining body’s weight to ride a bicycle,  leaning slightly forward (aerodynamic position), can create tension or muscle contraction in the lower back. Most muscle contraction involve cycling, or various movements, running or briskly walking may contribute to concentric contractions (the muscle shortens as it contracts).

Massage is imperative to keep your muscles suple and warm.

Performed continuously cycling trips can cause fatigue and muscle strain if you do not do it often, resulting in limited muscle shortening.

I had a friend who simply turned in bed to find to his horror he could not move without experiencing excruciating muscle spasm resulting in pain.  Regular massage helped to eradicate this discomfort.

The type of massage differs considerably according to the kind of treatment. Athlete (track, sprinter, climber, etc.. would have a totally different type of massage from someone suffering from stress.

A leg/foot massage should begin with the back of the legs and continue along the legs (the part where you should spend more time). There should be a special dedication to the following areas: muscles of the legs, pelvis, lower back, ankle joint and tibiofemoral joint. The movements used are: pressure, sliding, kneading, friction, bearings, vibration, mobilization and stretching.

At a professional level, the role of the massage therapist is very important since their hands  somehow becomes the soaker and confidant of the concerns and problems facing the recipient. Emotional, physical or mental, it’s surprising how massages can help.

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