Sexy Massage For Couples
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Sexy Massage For Couples


Contrary to  what the multitude think, a sexy massage London session is not merely sexual activity or a sexy massage that immediately leads to orgasm.

Although a Sensual/sexy massage consist very sultry sentience and causes sexual arousal, it also soothe the physical structure, rebuilds sexual vigor and promote sexual healing.

Its primary goal is not  sexual gratification, to a greater extent it is more of a pleasurable journey preceding  an exquisite destination. The followers of Hinduism reckon tantric sex massage therapy is equally a different path to  attaining independent development by intimate relaxation formulas and activities that give extended  long-lasting pleasure.

Accordingly, sensual couple massage therapy often activate sexual climax earlier rather than later for those new to it. It is  therefore recommended a minimum of 1.5 hours is called for to amply benefit to the fullest.  This is the ideal couple’s massage.

Sexy Massage London – Acquaint Yourself and Your Partner..

Sexy massage tantric therapy assumes various goals.  To awaken the “kundalini”, a configuration of powerful energy that inhabits the vertebral column. As this area  comes active, it advances the bodily structure giving it  the rational ability to mend itself.

Body to body massages with  tantric massage sessions likewise aims to set off the “charkas”in the  body. The Chakras , yesteryear lingual communication of Sanskrit communication.  This area  equals the focus field of energy in the body is formed in or on  the vertebral column.

Our couple’s Sexy Massage therapy is a Naturist Massage. Since this form of therapy is viewed as an “exceedingly intimate”  routine that demands touching  on sexual organs, it at times allow for the recipient to adopt  very clear and highly charged up sensations.

The  types of sexual  massage therapy for men and women are quite different: Intimate massage of the “The yoni” (vagina)  and “lingam” (penis) obviously take different forms.

Tantric massage kneading of the Yoni for instance involves  a measure of warm oil  poured out slowly along the mound of the Yoni. As  it slowly trickles down the outer lips of the vagina,  the massage slowly begins.

Tantric massaging the external rim of the Yoni, giving full attention, sliding  down the full  area of the vulva.  The perfect sexy massage and Yoni session comprises  mildly fondling the clitoris in a clockwise and anticlockwise motions, compressing it lightly betwixt the  fingers.

The destination of a  yoni or lingam massage comprises keeping  an orgasm at bay to store energy  even though you might be wildy stimulated, orgasm is  laid aside for much later. This discipline within your sex massage offers a greater release and mind blowing pleasure when it occurs.

MAJESTIC nude masseuses and masseurs bestow upon you  concentrated arousal and unusual full body naturist massage  that aims to take you to inconceivable ecstasy and excitement not usual during a formal therapeutic massage.

“An  incredible erotic and sexy massage, this  is London’s finest  nude massage treatment”. 

We provide skilled, vibrant naturist masseuses with astounding knowledge and charm to visit you.  Our intimate sexy Massage Therapy avails  the discovery  of ways to extend sexual pleasure.