Sensual Massage Oils
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Sensual Massage Oils and Products to Enhance Your Massage.

We have taken the time to source some of the most delightful sensual massage oils and products to enhance your time in the bedroom, in fact, any place you choose.

Sensual Tantric Massage Oil -The Mantra Musk

Experience a fantastic new dimension of sensuous stimulation with Tantric massage oil.

The board is a range of ennoble flavors, these massage accessories are guaranteed to relax your partner’s body and permit both of you feel unique sensations of oneness and delight.

Sensual tantric massage is a great way to relax and arouse your better half and get him or her ready for something more intensified.

Contains: Carnation Oil, Almond Oil, IPM, Natural Fragrance, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Tantric Massage Oil – The Shakti

Experience even better proportions of sensuous stimulation and deep relaxation with this Tantric massage oil.

Available in a wide range of exciting flavors, this massage accessory will relax your partner’s body and allow both of you experience a unique sensation of unity and pleasure.

Kama Sutra Lovers Body Paint -Milk Chocolate For those who have been allured by their imaginative side, indulge your aesthetic muse with this decadent copious bod

It includes a fabulous selection of Lover’s Body Paint and a quality supple paintbrush to produce your chef-d’oeuvre.

Here is how To: Dip the paintbrush or your fingers into the full-bodied milk chocolate body paint. Produce your masterpiece on your lover’s body and then relish the sweet taste of your lovers skin.

Note: It is wist to refrigerate after opening; to be reheated by microwave briefly on a low setting or place the jar in warm water – if there’s any left over!

Sweet and creamy milk chocolate body paint. Includes a body paintbrush.


Kama Sutra Bed Box-The Lovers Toolkit 

Enjoy The Complete Lover’s Delight …

Love making like any endeavor or indulgence is an art to itself. The art of lovemaking also has its various tools of the trade to enhance the occasion. Those of us who take our art very seriously or want it to be truly special will want to keep their accumulations of necessaries close at hand to be on the safe side.

I present you The Bedside Box. An exquisite and tastefully designed night table accessory that cleverly conceals in good order and always within your reach. A tidy place to house the essential indulgences to delight you and yours during your most intimate moments.

Smartly tucked and neatly so inside this beautifully handcrafted antique looking box is a scattering of arrant, sultrily sweet, Honey Dust to sensually feather dust on and kiss off your partneres body; a warming taste of the Original Oil of Love; alluring and silken smooth Loive Liquid Lubricant; and kissable, moisturizing French Vanilla Creme Body Souffle to invite the numerous delights closeness brings.

Bedside mini portions of some of Kama Sutra’s best sellers are inserted discreetly into this graceful wooden box beautified with a flourish of antiquated gold and a Kama Sutra logo is everything you need for a nighttime or day of enduring romance

Arouse romance with this sultry gift of Kama Sutra treasures. Share this gift with a loved one or encourage newlyweds or seasoned lovers to enjoy their new life together.

The Kama Sutra Bedside Box contains:

~ Sweet, kissable Honey Dust with its own feather applicator
~ Spicy, tingly Original Oil of Love
~ Lubricating Love Liquid
~ Body Souffle Vanilla Creme

The Kama Sutra range of products has been developed to help loving couples create joyful experiences of intimacy and pleasure. For over thirty years these kissable oils, creams, powders and other sensual potions have seduced lovers the world over.

The Kama Sutra collection is created in perfect harmony with today’s interest in well-being ? of spirit, as well as body. Kama Sutra is not just for lovemaking, it is an offering of body care products designed to add a sensual dimension to all aspects of life. By encouraging intimacy and enhancing sensual awareness, these products help enrich the world in which we live – and love.

These quality products are made with absolutely no animal products or animal testing.

Scented Rose Petals Of Love

In addition set the tone with these scented rose petals, perfect for a romantic evening.

Contains: 60 scented rose petals to place on your bed or in your bath.

Only the finest products will do….

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