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SENSUAL MASSAGE LONDON ‘The Best Erotic Massage Combination’

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MAJESTIC Sensual Massage London the luxury brand of intimate massage sensations.

Sensual Massage therapy have long been practiced, since the beginning of time but not by exciting naturist masseuses offered by MAJESTIC London. This massage is for erotic purposes, though there are therapeutic massage moves also.

Apart from Tantric massage, MAJESTIC Sensual Massage uses  2 main massage techniques depending on your requirements.

Touch Therapy –

Effleurage, using the palm of our hands. Using the palm with sensual actions on areas to be massaged. The light touch is perfect for massaging the back, thighs, and buttocks.

Kneading- This gesture is to knead the muscles of the body without crushing them. We will be mixing the zones between both hands, making sure to spread our fingers. Kneading is an action that helps relax muscles and relieve tension in the spine, legs, shoulder blades and neck.

MAJESTIC Sensual massage London sessions were created for couples, jet-lagged business travelers, stressed executives,  men and women alike.


MAJESTIC Sensual Massage London ‘Pleasures and Luxurious Relaxation’

“MAJESTIC Sensual Massage London  ‘Intense Luxurious Relaxation’.

MAJESTIC  Sensual Massage London masseuses and masseurs are young naturists, eager to provide quality nude relaxation. Experience  this carefully crafted massage designed with your entire naked body in mind.

We invite you to wrap your mind around intense luxurious relaxation, while our naturist masseuses wrap their silky bodies around.  We  introduce the memorable MAJESTIC body to body massage by beautiful practitioners who posses skills of  a very high standard.

MAJESTIC  Massage LondonThe finest Erotic Tantric Massage Service in London‘.

MAJESTIC Sensual Massage sessions do not involve intercourse, however we are confident your experience will be the most erotic and memorable ever experienced.


 +44 (0)207 060 3137

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