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The Body to Body massage is a full body massage that considers the entire body.  This service deploys several techniques that focus on the body parts being massaged.

Like any type of massage, a full body to body massages requires the right techniques. The choice of gliding technique used should be based on expectations of the client being massaged. The basic method is to operate in a quiet, subdued atmosphere, with a view to better concentration and relaxation. 

For shoulders, circular motions must be made to defeat each node contained in the muscles. For the back massage, regular pressures on each side of the spine allow a calming comfortable feeling.

The upper and lower limbs, in turn undergo rubbing or kneading. Also, the feet is given special attention since it constitutes the zone of concentration of several nerve endings of the body. We will therefore undertake a massage based on specific outcomes.

The full body to body massage treatment relaxes all parts of the body. 

The MAJESTIC body to body massage helps to relax you completely and remove any type of stress that the body has accumulated over time. It stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which are considered the happiness hormones. The person being  massaged will emerge in a state of extreme relaxation and well-being.

The Executive full body massage increases circulation

The Executive full body massage increases circulation lymphatic and blood brings oxygen to the body in general. Geared towards those requiring a more therapeutic feel to ease jet lag and tiredness.

Other benefits of the MAJESTIC Nude Massage.

It should be noted that using massage in general is a favorable way to prevent disease and improve overall health. Including improving blood circulation, sleep, digestion, constipation and respiratory capacity.

In support of MAJESTIC full body to body massages, this is more sensual touching that is just as useful. Your therapist also uses his/her body to massage you.

One can use different kinds of massage oils, according to the benefits they bring. You can choose from organic oil, chocolate oil containing certain essential virtues. Cocoa massage oil is indeed a natural antioxidant, a stimulant and a component good for morale. This type of massage oil enhances the activity of serotonin and provides nutritional benefits, softening, moisturizing and anti-ageing. (Only available with the LUXE Massage)



Helps to soothe painful areas in this part of the body, usually due to stress and fatigue.Before proper back massage, the practitioner defines the different areas to relieve . He/she places both hands on both sides of the spine massaged, while applying pressure.

The practitioner performs an upward motions and downward movements when it expires at a steady pace. The pressures will be accentuated when the muscles of the back began to loosen.

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